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Feb 6, 2024


‘Healthy humans without a healthy planet is a logical fallacy’: Interview with Dr. Sakib Burza

Commissioner Sakib Bursa was interviewed in this article


Nov 17, 2023


(In Indonesian: Rencana Besar Ilmuwan Dunia Antisipasi Pandemi Masa Depan).


Co-Chair Latiffah Hassan was highlighted in this piece


Oct 17, 2023


New team to tackle viral spillover for pandemic prevention

Devex reported on the Commission's launch and featured it as their lead story of the day 

Crowd watches event.png

Oct 12, 2023


Global Experts Unite to Prevent Viral Spillovers and Future Pandemics 

The Commission's launch was covered in this piece, with quotes from Co-Chair Latiffah Hassan and Commissioner Nigel Sizer

Neil Vora Ted.png

Jul 2023


How to stop the next pandemic? Stop deforestation

Co-Chair Neil Vora gave  TED talk that has now been viewed over 490,000 times.

Free Range Poultry Farm

Feb 4, 2024

The Land

Meet the Aussie vet dedicated to saving chickens and giving villages food security

Commissioner Robyn Alders was featured in this article


Oct 30, 2023


Nipah Virus Outbreak Renews Calls to Protect Bat Roosts

Commissioner Nigel Sizer was interviewed for this article

Commission Launch Event.png

Oct 13, 2023

Breaking barriers: Advancing the One Health agenda with a focus on the environment event

Commission launch event in Berlin, Germany

Co-Chair Raina Plowright, Commissioners Nigel Sizer and Chris Walzer, and high-level officials spoke to the pressing need for the Commission and to its incredible diversity in expertise, geography, and gender


Oct 11, 2023

The Telegraph

Lancet launches major ‘spillover’ investigation as two die of bird flu, including a toddler

This article covered the Commission's launch and highlighted the urgency of our work.

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