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Our initiative is focused on preventing pandemics at the source – in other words, stopping them at the point of spillover of pathogens from animals to humans, well before they can become global pandemics, epidemics, or even localized outbreaks.



This work will be difficult – but it is doable.


As the figure below shows, there are a number of geographies where spillover is most likely to happen. By making the right policy changes and focusing initial investments in selected countries, we can drastically reduce the chances of another pandemic disrupting our world.


Pandemics are a systems problem with roots spread out across many sectors. Effectively getting to those roots will require dialogue and coordinated action between sectors – particularly health and environment, but also agriculture, trade, food and nutrition, and others – that are currently not accustomed to talking to one another, let alone working together.

To address these root causes, we propose a three-pronged strategy:

A three-pronged strategy:

Scientific Taskforce and High-Level Panel on Prevention at the Source

Global Action Fund for Pandemic Prevention

Global and Local Public Awareness Campaigns

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Scientific Taskforce and High-Level Panel on Prevention at the Source

In order to advance investment and action to forestall the next pandemic, The Harvard Global Health Institute (HGHI) and the Harvard Chan School of Public Health Center for Climate, Health, and the Global Environment (C-CHANGE) will convene a Scientific Task Force dedicated to evaluating our knowledge of infectious disease emergence, with particular emphasis on pathogens with pandemic potential, and generating solution-oriented expert consensus on actions to prevent pathogen spillover. The Scientific Task Force to Prevent Pandemics at the Source will be a ground-breaking effort to holistically examine what we know and what we must learn to prevent the next global pandemic. The Task Force will be comprised of a group of esteemed scientists from across the globe, that will work towards consensus on the drivers of pandemic emergence and propose policy and resource solutions to be implemented and studied. 


The Task Force's findings will inform a High-Level Panel on Pandemic Prevention at the Source, also hosted by HGHI and C-CHANGE, which will provide an opportunity for the Task Force’s work to be championed by governments and policymakers around the world. The High-Level Panel will develop and recommend policies to prevent spillover, and, critically, advocate for adoption of these policies globally and in high-risk countries. It will include high-level representatives from governments (both tropical and specific G20 members) to ensure that the resulting policies are politically feasible and able to be grounded in the local context. The overall goal of the High-Level Panel will be to endorse and actively push for bold, creative, and actionable policies that will be truly successful in preventing spillover, while also being forward-thinking enough to anticipate and mitigate risks and unintended repercussions.