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The Solution

What needs to happen?

Our initiative is focused on galvanizing global action to prevent pandemics at the source – in other words, stopping them at the point of spillover of pathogens from animals to humans, well before they can become global pandemics, epidemics, or even localized outbreaks.

This work will be difficult – but it is doable.

As the figure below shows, there are several geographies where spillover is most likely to happen. By rolling out interventions in these countries, along with right policy, institutional and market reforms at the global, regional and local level, we can drastically reduce the chances of another pandemic disrupting our world.

What will reduce spillover risk?

There’s already evidence to show what can reduce spillover – and our coalition is advocating for 5 evidence-based actions:


Shutting down or strictly regulating commercial wildlife trade and markets that pose health risks

Stopping deforestation and forest degradation, especially in tropical and subtropical forests

Improving livestock health, strengthening veterinary care and biosecurity in animal husbandry

Providing better healthcare and alternative livelihoods to communities living close to wildlife in tropical regions

Enhancing surveillance for zoonotic viruses at the interfaces between humans, domestic animals and wildlife

What are we calling for?

Implementing these actions will require dialogue and coordinated action between sectors – particularly health and environment, but also agriculture, trade, food and nutrition, and others – that are currently not accustomed to talking to one another, let alone working together.


Our coalition aims to break the siloes that are hindering action on spillover prevention and leaving us vulnerable to future pandemics. We are calling on global leaders across sectors to:


Provide and channel significant funding for spillover prevention


Put in place global frameworks for coordinated action


Enact supportive reforms at the national level

How are we catalyzing change?

Our coalition works to influence the most important levers to drive action on spillover prevention. We work to change the policy positions and funding priorities of the countries and private actors with the most resources to enact change, and partner with countries with high spillover risk on the necessary reforms and programs.


We translate the latest science and evidence into concrete guidance for policy-makers and donors and facilitate connections across countries and sectoral silos.
We use the power of our diverse coalition’s networks and expertise to influence major multilateral frameworks. 


Image by Chris Lee

Acting together, 
we have the power to
stop pandemics before they start

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