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The Lancet-PPATS Commission on Prevention of Viral Spillover

Preventing future pandemics by reducing the risk of spillovers of viruses between animals and humans.

The Lancet and the Coalition for Preventing Pandemics at the Source (PPATS) have convened a bold new Commission on Prevention of Viral Spillover.

Our Goal

The Lancet-PPATS Commission strives to mobilize decision-makers and implementers to take transdisciplinary action to limit viral spillovers through research, policy, law, and practice—thereby reducing the risk of future pandemics while promoting a healthier, more sustainable, and more equitable future.

Image by Roberto Nickson

Our Objectives

Evaluate and synthesize the evidence on the drivers of viral spillovers

Provide recommendations for research investigating viral spillovers

Catalyse systems approaches to viral spillover prevention that incorporate broader co-benefits and trade-offs

Develop recommendations for viral spillover prevention that can be adopted and adapted by governments and other stakeholders

Identify and evaluate strategies and interventions to prevent viral spillovers

Examine the equity benefits of viral spillover prevention

Identify social, economic, and political challenges and opportunities for implementing viral spillover prevention

. . . towards our overall goal of reducing the risk of future pandemics while promoting a more sustainable and equitable future.

 Recent News

How to stop the next pandemic? Stop deforestation

Commission Co-Chair Dr. Neil Vora delivered a TED Talk outlining how, by addressing deforestation, we can both prevent disease outbreaks and slow climate change.


Watch the 10-minute talk, which has now been viewed over 490,000 times.

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