Relevant Scientific
& Policy Literature

The security threat that binds us

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Ecological Countermeasures for Pandemic Prevention

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December 2020 (PRE-PRINT)

IPBES Pandemics Workshop Report Executive Summary

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COVID-19 and the Curse of Piecemeal Perspectives

September 2020, Frontiers in Veterinary Science
Ecology and economics for
pandemic prevention

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Toward a quantification of risks at the nexus of conservation & health: The case of bushmeat markets in Lao PDR

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When Confronting a Pandemic, We
Must Save Nature to Save Ourselves

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April 2020 Center for American Progress
Ecological Interventions to Prevent & Manage Zoonotic Pathogen Spillover

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A Pandemic Treaty and wildlife trade

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September 2021 (PRE-PRINT)

Animal sales from Wuhan wet markets immediately prior to the COVID-19 pandemic

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