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Open Letter to United States Congress

The Coalition to Prevent Pandemics at the Source calls on the United States Congress to Prioritize Pandemic Prevention

On February 10, 2021, we released this open letter urging the United States Congress to include dedicated support for prevention at the source in its COVID Relief Plan. The letter also implores leadership to create a Global Fund for Pandemic Prevention.


Please contact us if your organization would like to sign on.

Press Release

G7 governments must act fast with a focus on viral spillover to prevent the next pandemic, says new coalition of leading health & environmental groups focused on preventing pandemics at source

On March 05, 2021, we released a press release calling on the Group of Seven (G7) governments to fill a major gap in post-COVID recovery plans. 

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Calling Covid-19 a Crisis of Humanity's Own Making, Coalition Says Healing 'Broken Relationship With Nature' Key to Stopping Next Pandemic

Common Dreams, US

Tue 9 Mar 2021

Our destruction of wildlife habitats will trigger new pandemics, says new group

The Hill, US

Tue 9 Mar 2021

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The security threat that binds us

R. Schoonover, C. Cavallo, &  I. Caltabiano, 
Feb 2021