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Image by Paul Summers
Why stopping deforestation must be a priority for public health

The Hill

Sat 27 Nov 2021

Image by Jonathan Beckman
First Known Covid Case Was Vendor at Wuhan Market, Scientist Says

New York Times

Thu 18 Nov 2021

Worth a shot: Speeding Covid vaccines to conflict zones


Thu 11 Nov 2021

Image by Nils Bouillard
Newly Discovered Bat Viruses Give Hints to Covid’s Origins

New York Times

Thu 14 Oct 2021

Image by Ishan @seefromthesky
‘Spillover’ diseases are emerging faster than ever before—thanks to humans

National Geograpic

Thu 06 Oct 2021

Image by Samuel Ferrara
Protecting forests and changing agricultural practices are essential,
cost-effective actions to prevent pandemics

Harvard Chan C-CHANGE/Harvard Global Health Initiative

Wed 18 Aug 2021

“One Health” and COVID-19, one year later


Mon 24 May 2021

We have a chance to prevent pandemics — will we?

The Hill

Wed 19 May 2021

Aerial View of Forest
Why experts say tackling deforestation could be key to stopping future pandemics?

CBC Radio

Mon 12 April 2021

Image by roya ann miller
Our destruction of wildlife habitats will trigger new pandemics, says new group

The Hill, US

Tue 9 Mar 2021

Image by gryffyn m
Stop deforestation to halt pandemics

Innovation Forum

Fri 19 Nov 2021

Vervet Monkey
COVID-19 and Preventing Future Pandemics


Mon 15 Nov 2021

Image by Apollo Photography
Preventing future pandemics starts with recognizing links between human and animal health

The Conversation

Wed 03 Nov 2021

Image by Martin Sanchez
WHO unveils new 26-member panel to restart study of the pandemic’s origins

Science Insider

Wed 13 Oct 2021

Fuerteventura plant in sand_edited.jpg
What will it take to save the planet? Embracing interdependence

The Hill

Thu 09 Sept 2021

Image by CDC
Address risky human activities now or face new pandemics, scientists warn


Tue 03 Aug 2021

Image by Thomas Charters
Harvard Launches International Scientific Task Force to Prevent Pandemics at the Source

Harvard Chan C-CHANGE

Thu 20 May 2021

We can prevent the next pandemic (commentary)


Tue 04 May 2021

One Year Later, We Still Have No Plan to Prevent the Next Pandemic

The New York Times

Tue 16 Mar 2021

Calling Covid-19 a Crisis of Humanity's Own Making, Coalition Says Healing 'Broken Relationship With Nature' Key to Stopping Next Pandemic

Common Dreams, US

Tue 09 Mar 2021

Image by Benjamin LECOMTE
The Plague Is More Likely Now Thanks to Climate Change


Fri 19 Nov 2021

Image by Y S
As Covid recedes in US a new worry emerges: wildlife passing on the virus

The Guardian

Thu 11 Nov 2021

Image by Doan Tuan
How environmental damage can lead to new diseases

The Economist

Tue 19 Oct 2021

Image by Benjamin Raffetseder
Viruses don’t stop at our borders


Fri 07 Oct 2021

Image by Olivier Guillard
As Covid-19 Cases Rise, Global Task Force Lays Out How to Avert Future Pandemics

Common Dreams

Wed 18 Aug 2021

World leaders ‘ignoring’ role of destruction of nature in causing pandemics

The Guardian

Fri 04 June 2021

Tropical Leaves
The Best Way To Prevent The Next Pandemic? Maybe Saving Tropical Forests


Thu 20 May 2021

Image by Igam Ogam
Coronavirus: Do Cry Over Spillovers

Science Rules! with Bill Nye

Tue 13 April 2021

Inaction leaves world playing ‘Russian roulette’ with pandemics, say experts

The Guardian, UK

Tue 9 Mar 2021

The Next Pandemic: Last Week Tonight with
John Oliver


Mon 15 Feb 2021